Marketing for Law Firms.

Many lawyers struggle to find time for marketing. We execute trusted marketing strategies for lawyers, leaving you able to focus on your clients.

Is Keeping your Law Firm Marketing In-House Working?

Most lawyers didn't spend thousands of hours studying and mastering their practice area just so they could then divert their efforts to marketing. But an effective marketing strategy is essential for your law firm, and you know that most marketing agencies don't really understand the law well enough to do the work for you.

The unfortunate result is that many lawyers know they should be doing more marketing, but cannot realistically prioritise it over serving their clients.

And so their law firm marketing just doesn't get done.

But there is a better way – read on to find out…

Marketing for Law Firms, by Lawyers

Our marketing for law firms lifts the burden off your shoulders and puts it onto ours. This frees you up to serve your clients with fewer distractions.

Our owner, Chris Hargreaves, is a practising lawyer. With over 15 years' experience in practice, Chris knows that law firm marketing is a unique field, and understands the pressures of practice that you face on a daily basis.

For you that means the content we deliver will be well researched, concisely written, and in line with your firm's brand.

The Elements of Successful Law Firm Marketing

Marketing a law firm isn't like other kinds of marketing. Producing legal content is challenging and calls for legal training. This is why lawyers have traditionally kept their efforts in-house. Beyond that, life as a lawyer does not leave you with a lot of margin to be researching the latest and greatest marketing strategies, or keeping up with the neverending developments in the world of social media.

We keep our marketing strategies for your law firm simple. We undertake proven, reliable methods that have withstood the test of time. There are four key areas of focus.

Awesome Content

A strategic content marketing plan for your law firm will deliver consistent high quality articles for your desired clients.

Social Media with Attitude

It's pretty easy to post on social media. It's much harder to have enough personality when doing so that you actually move the needle.

A Purposeful Website

Pretty websites are great, but your website needs a strategic purpose if you expect it to deliver results.

Engaging your Email Database

Building and communicating with an email database remains a mainstay of effective digital marketing for law firms.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Our Go-To Marketing Guy

Chris is our go-to marketing guy. He helps us stay on top of best practice marketing strategies but still manages to avoid using stupid marketing lingo all the time. That’s a win in my book.

– Andrew Mewing – Principal


Trusting someone to take on such as task to present your business is always daunting. However, Chris was more than capable and went over and above what was required. He gave a new meaning to underpromise and over deliver. Great work!!!

– Tam Elabbasi – Principal

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