Marketing for Lawyers, By Lawyers.

A Marketing Agency that Understands Law Firms

While many marketing agencies say they can do work for law firms, the truth is that most don't actually know how law firms work.

We're different. Our founder, Chris Hargreaves, is a practicising lawyer with over 15 years post-admission experience.

That means we get it. We get how law firms function, we get how ethics work, we understand how to do legal research, and we understand the kinds of issues you and your clients face on a day to day basis.

That's why we stand apart from other marketing agencies for law firms.

Chris Hargreaves


Founder, Owner, and Marketing Guy

This is where the rubber hits the road. Most marketing firms offer you, well, marketing people.

Sometimes they might understand the legal industry, but more often than not they're just marketing people who decided to work for lawyers. 

I'm a lawyer who decided to do marketing.

With over 15 years in admitted legal practice, I understand how law firms run. I understand the marketing needs of law firms, the pressures on lawyers, and I understand the law. 

This means when we produce your articles, publish your social media content, send out your emails – you can rest assured that we get it.

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