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Bringing Humanity Back to Law Firm Marketing

We are a digital marketing agency for lawyers. We believe that marketing works better when it's natural, human and even (sit down for this bit…) a little fun.

So What's the Brief?

 Lawyers are… special. We don't always do things like other people.

Watch the Clock

We've never met a lawyer who wasn't busy. You don't need more things to do, you need efficient solutions.

Honour your Brand

Yes - it's possible to honour your brand AND deliver engaging content at the same time!

Know your Industry

I'm a lawyer - I get it.

Deliver Expertise

Have you noticed some agencies just want to increase your ad spend? That's not marketing, that's advertising. And that's not us.

Showcase your Awesome

Defeat the evil monster of bland, tedious marketing with the shining hero of your personality.

Love your Clients

So you probably don't want your clients to swipe right on Tinder, but you know... something close to that.

But the Big Problem Is...

Most lawyers know that digital marketing needs to be a significant limb of their business development.

So why doesn't it get done? Simple… not enough time.

Time is the biggest barrier to implementing an effective digital marketing strategy for most law firms. But the reason for the lack of time comes in a few different forms.

Perhaps it's legitimate busy-ness. You simply have too much else to do.

Perhaps it's too many options, and no guidance on what to refine your choices do. We can't do everything, so what should YOU be doing?

And perhaps it's the tech. You're not 100% sure what's possible, and if you were you don't have the time to learn how to do it.

Our job is about helping your firm get MORE digital marketing done, with GREATER impact, but LESS of your time spent.

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Spoiler alert: we do Digital Marketing for Lawyers.

Trusting someone to take on such as task to present your business is always daunting. However, Chris was more than capable and went over and above what was required. He gave a new meaning to underpromise and over deliver.
Tam Elabbasi
Principal Lawyer
Chris is a true professional when it comes to social media and digital marketing for lawyers and other professionals. Whenever I have a question, and time zones permitting, I'll reach out to Chris for his input, feedback and advice.
Mitch Jackson
Partner, Jackson and Wilson

Is your Current Digital Marketing Doing the Job?

What do Effective Digital Marketing Strategies Deliver?

Grow Awareness of your Firm

“If you build it, they will come” doesn't really cut it anymore. Hanging your shingle is one thing, but actually having clients know who you are and what you do is another. Digital marketing can expand your firm's reputation in its industry.

Capture Targeted Leads of Potential Clients

There's no point have 97 website enquiries a day if they are coming from people who cannot afford your services or need something different from what you provide. Your firm's digital marketing should bring the right people to you.

Expand your Existing Network of Referrers​​

Many lawyers rely heavily on referrals as a source of work, but struggle to grow that referral base. Authentic digital marketing can grow not just your reputation among your clients but also your relationships with potential referrers.

Engage your Potential and Existing Clients

I'm sure you've heard the words “engaging content” but what does that mean and how can you do it? It's harder than it sounds, but not as hard as we make it out to be.

Generate Inbound Enquiries

The gold standard of an effective digital marketing strategy for an law firm is one which delivers enquiries to your doorstep. Whether it's search engines, social media presence or something else entirely – this is the aim of the game.

Build Your Perception of Expertise

Every lawyer I know wants to position themselves on their expertise, but how can they get the market place to recognise it? A solid strategy can help you become renowned in your area.

All of These Things Lead to the Single Most Important Outcome - a More Successful Law Firm

Lawyers Understand Lawyers

Chris Hargreaves, the founder of Known, Liked and Trusted, understands lawyers… because he is one.

Having been in commercial dispute resolution and litigation practice for nearly 15 years, he has a unique appreciation for the reality of legal practice that most marketing people don't have.

He understands the context that you need to operate in, the challenges of day to day client service, and how to keep your marketing simultaneously professional and authentic.

So if you want a digital marketing service for your law firm that actually gets it… then let's get started.

Let's Chat

The best way I can think of to show you how I can help, is by actually helping you.

Get in touch today and we'll talk through where you're at, where you want to be, and some ways you might go about getting there.

And if you need some help along the way, we're ready willing and able.

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