How to Use ActiveCampaign with the Genesis eNews Plugin

Since I went to the trouble of spelling out how to integrate ActiveCampaign with the Rainmaker Platform, I thought I might as well go the full hog for those non-Rainmaker people and show you how to integrate an ActiveCampaign form with the Genesis eNews Extended Plugin.

The steps are fairly straightforward:

  1. Install the Genesis eNews Extended plugin on your wordpress site;
  2. Create a form in ActiveCampaign;
  3. Copy the necessary details and hidden fields;
  4. Place that data into the eNews widget fields;
  5. Place your eNews Widget;
  6. Test it;
  7. Say hooray if it works.

Install the Genesis eNews Extended Plugin

Not a lot to say here – head over here, download the plugin, and install it in the usual way by going to “Plugins –> Add New –> Upload” and selecting the plugin in question.

Active it.

Um… that's all.

Create a Form in ActiveCampaign

OK so I'm not big on repeating publicly available information.

You can follow these instructions here to create a form.

The eNews plugin will honour the double optin and redirect settings that you use for your form, so make sure you set your optin email, confirmation links and automations inside ActiveCampaign before using the form.

Once you've done that though, you want to head to the “integrate form” section and you'll see the below – you want to cut and paste the bits I've highlighted into notepad or some other text only editor:

Copy the Necessary Bits and Pieces

Basically you need to copy:

  1. the URL that provides your form's process (which will go into the “action” section of the widget)
  2. the relevant hidden fields (which will go, surprisingly, into the hidden fields section)
  3. the email, firstname and lastname fields (which, unless you muck around, are probably going to be “email”, “firstname” and “lastname” respectively)

A note: some people have indicated that the whole “proc.php” thing is a problem.  I'm sure there's a technical reason that it might be, but I've not had any problems with it myself.

If you have a poke around inside the information you cut and paste into notepad, here is what you're looking for:

Chuck that Data Into your eNews Widget

I've explained it already, but here's what it looks like when you put the highlighted fields into the Genesis eNews widget:

Place your eNews Widget

So you just need to now put your eNews widget somewhere inside Appearance –> Widgets –> [sidebar or whatever].

Usual suspects include: your primary sidebar, and the “after entry” widget.


Test it, for Goodness Sake

Test it and make sure everything's working as expected.

Want to test mine instead? Subscribe using the form below!

PS – if it works, don't forget to say hooray.

3 thoughts on “How to Use ActiveCampaign with the Genesis eNews Plugin”

  1. Hello, thank you for the clear explanation. I have followed your steps, but when I tested I can’s subscribe but get into the screen for the possibility to unsubscribe. What’s going wrong you think? Thank you for your reply, regards Monica

    • hmmm not sure – if a subscriber is ending up at a different screen then expected, I’d check:
      1) first, your widget settings to ensure the correct form is there;
      2) your form settings inside Active Campaign, to ensure that the “double optin” page and the “confirmation” page URLs are correct;
      3) finally, any automation settings that you might have which are sending people to that page.

      Bit tricky to diagnose from afar unfortunately 😉

    • Hey there Stefano – not that I’m aware of. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it though, just means I’m not sure how 🙂 You could certainly add privacy text and a link to your privacy policy in the “after form text” section of the enews widget.

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