Common Sense Law Firm Marketing.

No Big Surprises Here – We Develop and Execute Professional Marketing Services for Law Firms.

Honestly – we're not that big into the latest distracting bouncy balls. We develop marketing strategies based on solid, proven and reliable methods.

That means we're not usually going to suggest you drop $150k on a custom app for your firm. We're far more likely to suggest that you create awesome content, engage with clients in a meaningful way, and use your law firm's digital marketing assets to their best advantage. That's the known, liked and trusted way.

Our Marketing Services in a Nutshell

Content Marketing

Social Media

Email Marketing

Website Strategy

SEO for Lawyers

Google Ads

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A Better Law Firm Blog

The truth is that most law firm blogs are sporadic dribbles of boring case notes and research papers. The result? Most people don't want to read them.

Don't sound like everyone else – produce content that tells people who you are as a firm and what kind of people you will be to deal with.

By selecting topics and using writing styles that align with your ideal clients, we can get your blog humming.

The expertise to generate legal content

Articles that don't make people fall asleep

Meaningful information and topic selection for your desired client base

Best practice SEO and Content Production

Getting Social

When it comes to law firms, social media isn't just about broadcasting your latest piece.

It's also about harnessing the power of your individual lawyers, getting their voice, passion and individual strengths out into the public sphere, and putting faces and personalities to the names.

Social media is about connection.

Refining your social media outposts

Regular posting schedules

Show your firm's ethos and personality

Connect with your desired people

Email Marketing

Despite many people believing that social media is the dominant force at the moment, the truth is that email marketing delivers far better returns.

In fact, if you had to choose between running a social media campaign and building your email database – you should go with the database.

But having names and emails is just one part of the equation – next you need to do something with them.

Develop a Lead Magnet

Build your Email Database

Design and Send Email News

Segment and Understand your Clients Better

Website Strategy

While many firms have nice looking websites, most haven't given a thought to how they can actually use them to best advantage.

Reviewing your website and applying a sound strategy behind any design elements will help you ensure that everything in your site is designed to get people to do what you want them to do.

Because if you haven't done that, why get people to your site in the first place?

Understand your primary call to action

Remove clutter and distraction

Add necessary elements to your site

Make your design cohesive with your strategy

SEO for your Law Firm

Search engine optimisation is a huge field, and one any law firm that's serious about it's marketing efforts should be working towards using effectively.

With a large combination of factors at play, it's very hard to have an effective SEO campaign that you're running in-house.

Between site architecture, content styles, speed, Google business manager issues, image optimisation and sizing, titles and descriptions and much more – we can handle all of your law firm SEO needs.

Site architecture and review

Keyword research

Rich content for the right search terms

Best practice SEO driven content

Paid Ads

While organic strategies like content marketing, social media, SEO and email will over time deliver results, sometimes you need an immediate kick of enquiries to drive new clients to your door.

Paid ads to effective landing pages, if done right, can help you generate leads and offer you more opportunities to capture new clients.

Google Research and Ad Design

Social Media Ads

Landing Page Development

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