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Law Firm SEO SErvices

So you Want to Crush your Enemies With Google?

There are many ways to win the marketing game. You could develop some kind of permanent brunch, you could spend your life mastering the art of the hashtag, and you could send hordes of winged monkeys out to frighten the competition. Really the opportunities are staggering.

But if you'd rather keep things fairly simple, or don't like pets, you could use our law firm SEO services.

What's the Deal

With Law Firm SEO?

Rather than try sell you on some gimmicky pitch about “guaranteeing” that we'll get you to rank #1 on Google (but forgetting to mention that the keyword will be “purple monkey dishwasher lawyers”), we figured the easiest thing was just to explain to you how our law firm SEO services work in straightforward language.

So let's dig in.

Step 1 - Check the Foundations

There's no point building your digital skyscraper on sand – it's going to tip, and then it's going to fall. That's why stage 1 in our law firm SEO journey is making sure that the basics are in place with your website.

Site Architecture

How is your site put together, how is your home page laid out, are your links and URL structures OK? Basically, is your site stitched together in a google-bot friendly way?

Site Speed

If we're going to the trouble of trying to bring potential clients to your site, the last thing anybody needs is the loading wheel of death to get in the way.


And just to tick off the essentials, wWe'll also double check that the usual bits and pieces are in place with your basic site information on your existing pages and posts.

Step 2 - Competitor Research

There's a good chance you thought step 2 was going to be “keyword research” right? After all, that's what a lot of law firm SEO folks are probably going to do now.

But we're not like other people…

The problem with pure, laboratory style keyword research when it comes to lawyer SEO is that it can be unnecessarily time consuming. The truth is that it's often better to find 10 or so of your main competitors and figure out what THEY are getting traffic from.

Then we might do some keyword research anyway 🙂

From there, we can identify a few main areas to focus on and generate a more meaningful keyword list to fuel our content decisions.

Step 3

The Art and Science of Keyword Selection

Having a bunch of keywords is one thing, but picking which ones to give your attention to is another. For law firm SEO purposes we're looking to identify keywords that are relevant to your desired clients, demonstrate some kind of intention to hire a lawyer (now or in the future), and aren't so competitive that you'll be pulling your hair our trying to rank for them.

Sure, you probably want to target “family lawyer” or something, but there's a good chance that there are easier search terms to focus on which will deliver consistent, targeted potential clients to your site.


Step 4 - Grab the Low Hanging Fruit

Unless you're brand new, there's a good chance your site is already “ranking” (even if it's on page 22) for something.

To take advantage of whatever assets you already have, we'll investigate your site's current profile, rankings and organic search existence.

If there's nothing there, then fine. We can start from scratch.

But sometimes a tweak here, a pivot there*, and hey presto! Rankings can improve dramatically for existing content, giving you that nice warm fuzzy feeling that we all get when good things happen quickly.

*”tweak” and “pivot” might involve a substantial amount of work, despite any implication to the contrary…

Better Content, More Authority

When you google something, what are you hoping is going to happen? Are you hoping that Google will give you the least relevant and least helpful result?  Of course not! What you'd like is for Google to deliver to you the best result for your search, right?

So the job of law firm SEO is to produce content that is the BEST for its particular search terms – which means producing GREAT stuff for your potential clients. Click the buttons to see what that means….

Time is valuable. If someone hits your site you need to have answered their question in FULL or you're wasting it.

Ever hit a site where it's just a wall of text with nothing interesting of any kind to break up the tedium? How long did you stay there?  

Sure we could rank you for “unique orange spotted elephant monkey games” and produce a big piece of content about it, but unless you're in a legal area we've not come across before, that's not helping anyone, is it?

Google wants to show people information that is reliable and authoritative. Generally speaking, that means links from relevant other sites. So getting some of those, while not that easy, is going to make a big difference.

An Aside... What is "Better" Content?

There's a lot of chat flying around the place (including the section just above this box) about creating “better” content – but what does that actually mean when it comes to law firm SEO?

The first step isn't actually the content – it's topic selection. For SEO purposes once we've done our research, our job is to select clear, relevant, useful, search friendly topics that are complimentary but don't compete with each other from a keyword perspective. So, for example, you don't want multiple posts about “penalties for traffic offences” or “how to get a divorce in Australia”.

Next we need to ensure that, once we've chosen an appropriate topic, we create a piece of content that deals with it comprehensively and authoritatively. That means not shirking on the details, and not doing some pitiful 300 word puff piece that provides nothing useful and was all the rage 10 years ago (and still is in some places!). You want to cover the topic well and address all that somebody might need to know about it.

Finally, we want it to be lively and appealing. A turgid pile of sludge isn't going to appeal to anyone, and they're not going to hang around to read it. If we're going to ask people to link to your excellent piece of content, then it needs to be something that simultaneously provides the intellectual value required but engages the reader at the same time.

Execute, Promote, Repeat

OK so the plan's in place - now we put it into action. We'll create amazing, relevant and authoritative content and we'll do our darndest to get it into the hands of people that care. We'll take a look at results and tweak as needed. Then we'll do it all over again. Think of it like the snowball effect - growing your traffic with law firm SEO services month on month on month on... ok you get the idea.
Step 6

How Much Does Law Firm SEO Cost?

probably the bit you wanted to know earlier...
$ 1,750
  • Website architecture, speed and setup review and advice
  • Competitor research and keyword research
  • Bespoke high quality content for your law firm
  • Outreach and link building

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Law Firm SEO Services
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