Service Terms and Conditions

  1. Tips for Lawyers Pty Ltd will provide the services described in its quote or proposal to you.
  2. Your package comes with unlimited support, consultations and assistance from acceptance through to completion. This is subject to schedules and availability at any given time. We don't warrant that I'll be able to deal immediately with urgent enquiries, but will try to.
  3. You agree to pay:
    1. for fixed price packages, 50% of the package fee in advance and 50% upon completion of the defined services;
    2. for consulting and done-for-you packages, the monthly package fee in advance by credit card, which we will set up prior to commencing a monthly package.
  4. You own the intellectual property rights in anything produced for you by Tips for Lawyers including original works of content, save for any stock imagery or licensed material which will itself by subject to those license conditions from the provider.
  5. Unless otherwise agreed, consultations will take place by email, phone or online meeting.
  6. Unless you express otherwise, you authorise Tips for Lawyers Pty Ltd to record online consultations. If made, you can download a copy of these recordings for your own use if you want to.
  7. Our discussions and advice are confidential unless we agree otherwise. We won’t share them with other people and you shouldn’t either. This excludes other individuals that we might agree on.
  8. We're not warranting anything. We don’t guarantee success, clients or revenue. We’ll do our best to help you get those things, but we won’t guarantee them.
  9. Tips for Lawyers Pty Ltd may, from time to time, outsource parts of the services to be done at its cost. Tips for Lawyers remains ultimately responsible to you for the delivery and execution of those services.
  10. Payments are non-refundable. So if you decide not to continue a monthly payment, then you will have access to our services until the end of the period that you have paid for.
  11. Tax Invoices will be provided for each payment.
  12. These terms are subject to the additional special conditions below as might apply to your selected package/s.

Consulting Packages


A consulting package is just that – consulting. We will advise you, give you input, assist you to make decisions and offer ideas for you to consider. We will give you feedback on drafts and lend you our expertise.

However, with rare exceptions, we are not doing the work for you – that is up to you.

In a consultation you can expect that we will generate ideas and that you will have something that you will agree to do before our next consultation. This helps to ensure that your digital marketing efforts are moving forward regularly.

Done For You Packages


In a done-for-you package we will do the bulk of the work on your behalf. That includes producing, creating and posting content, sharing and commenting on social media, and emailing people on your behalf.

We will agree with you how much you wish to be involved in that process towards the start of the package, so that you can ensure you have approved or authorised the content as much as you feel you need to.

However, we will not generally post on your personal behalf, as opposed to your brand. We also cannot create or edit video or audio for the obvious reason that we are not there with you. If you send these things to us (which we strongly suggest you do) we can incorporate those into your content mix.

Project Packages


In a fixed fee project you are agreeing to retain us to commence, develop and complete the project as described in this proposal.

We will work with you until you are satisfied (and you need to act reasonably in that) with the project that has been delivered for you.

If you change the scope of the project, we might change the price – we'll let you know if that's going to happen of course so you can approve it.



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