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Let's get the digital marketing podcast on the road! If I was to ask you what the number 1 barrier to you or your firm achieving its marketing goals was, what would you say? For the vast majority, it's going to be this: TIME. We just don't get stuff done, because we don't have the time. Let's fix that – starting now. Read Full Transcript – – If I was to ask you what the number one barrier to successfully delivering on your digital marketing strategy was, in your firm or your practise, what would you say? My guess is that you and the majority of lawyers that I might ask are going to say something like, we're not executing on the strategy. That is, we're not delivering, we're not doing the things that we thought we would have time to do because we all got too busy and so we pushed it to one side. This is reliably the answer when I ask what the barriers are and that's what we're going to talk about today. My name is Chris Hargreaves, I am from digitalmarketingforlawyers.com and this is the Digital Marketing Mastery Series. I have specifically started this series, and this is episode number one, so you haven't missed anything if this is where you're starting. This is the only episode where I will mention what the number is 'cause it's the only one I'm going to remember. This series is designed to provide practical execution strategies for you so that you can actually be doing things. That means the episodes are going to be fairly short, that means they are going to be practical. I might occasionally have a chat about strategic decision making, I might occasionally have an idea to share or a tool to recommend, but by and large, the majority of what you're going to hear here is going to involve actually doing something, or having the opportunity to do something. And if you play along at home or in your office and you actually do 10 or 20 or 50% even of the things that I'm going to suggest might be beneficial for you, then you're going to find that you will experience a remarkable uplift in the success of your digital marketing programme within your firm or with you as a practitioner, individually. And so, where are we going to start with? We're going to start with that practicality because I think lawyers are very good at having opinions and I think we're incredibly good at producing detailed, strategic marketing plans that have a tendency to be a two-inch thick booklet that gets generated extremely optimistically at some kind of retreat or some kind of marketing day offsite, or it gets generated by someone else entirely and just delivered to you and you're supposed to do it. But the fact is, most of the time, nobody does anything in those documents. And so you come back to it one or two or five years later and you dust it off 'cause it's been sitting in a drawer and absolutely none of it has actually turned into any actions on your part. And so what I want to say to you today is this, do less, commit to less, and then actually deliver on it. And that might mean, if you are starting from zero, if you are literally too busy in your own mind to do anything, but you appreciate the importance of having to get to marketing, that might mean you find two minutes in a day to comment on one post on LinkedIn with a person who is valuable. Maybe it means you find five minutes to send an email each day to someone you haven't actually caught up with. Maybe it means you just find 30 seconds in a day to send a connection request on LinkedIn. Now, these are just examples. The practical thing for today is this. Stop over-committing your marketing endeavours with extremely optimistic views about what you can and cannot get done. If you have spent the last five years too busy to breathe or do anything, the chances that you can then say, okay, I am definitely going to commit four hours every week to my marketing efforts, it's not going to happen.

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