Email Broadcasts in ConvertKit

If you want to use any kind of email marketing software, the chances are pretty good that you really want to use email broadcasts as one of your primary functions to keep your audience up to date and engaged with your material.

How to Send Email Broadcasts in ConvertKit

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We are continuing in our closer look at the ConvertKit email marketing software, which I highly recommend you take a look at it if you're looking for a new email provider.

We are going to have a look at broadcasts.

In other articles and videos we've taken a look at forms.  

We've also taken a look at sequences and how easy it is to set up an auto-responder email series.

Today we're going to have a look at broadcasts.

Broadcasts in a Nutshell

Broadcasts are simply a once-off email that you want to send to all of your subscribers.

Once you send your broadcasts in ConvertKit you can see the various items (clicks, opens and unsubscribes) that get reported after each broadcast.

In my example in the video it's a new list so I don't have a lot of names on it and I may or may not be keeping it in any event.

How to Create a Broadcast in ConvertKit

So, click broadcasts in the top menu and then ‘new broadcast' (duh).

You can then determine who is going to get it (and you can find out about segmentation in this article) but, without going into it here, this is how you choose who is going to get the broadcast.

This comes down to how you have arranged your email recipients.

If they have come to you from a specific form about podcasting they're not necessarily interested in a broadcast about video creation.  That said, maybe they are, maybe they want those videos.

It's up to you to decide who wants what and what your best prospects for getting things open and read are.

But, if you have wildly different things that you produce content about you might not want to send your email to everyone. You might, in particular, not want to send a broadcast email about a product to people who already have purchased that product. With the very useful segmentation you can do that very easily in ConvertKit by using its automation system.

Setting Up the Broadcast with Content and Settings

So this is the broadcast.


It's pretty easy to set up a broadcast. In the example in the video I'm just going to include people who have subscribed using a particular form.

Once you've done that, you set up your email. In this case I'll just use Subject: ‘Hello' “How are you?” And that is my email. Now, we can have a look at it.

There aren't many templates in ConvertKit for broadcasts, but if you wanted to see a different template just so you can see what it looks like then you can change the default to a framed template.

The framed template using the default colors is a tiny bit more fancy but it doesn't come across quite how I like. So I have a tendency to use the account default which is simply plain text, but you can twiddle around with the look and feel of your emails a bit if you want to.

In the settings you'll see all the usual things you would expect. You can insert images. You can change your various look and feel of your email. And of course you can personalize it using the subscriber's name or email address if you want to. Those are to be expected and this is pretty basic functionality that you would expect out of any email system.

But, the power of ConvertKit really comes in terms of it's segmentation.

That is how broadcasts work in ConvertKit.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments!



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