Marketing your Law Practice is Actually Heaps of Work

I know we're all on the lookout for the latest time-saver, life hack and marketing gizmo to make things happen magically overnight.

But let's get real for a minute – marketing your law firm is actually going to be a heap of work.

I mean, did you actually think that some internet guru would give you the secret 1 minute recipe to bring unlimited clients with unlimited money forever?

If so – perhaps you're in the wrong profession.

For the rest of us, the reality check is that whatever strategy, tactic or approach we decide to use to market our law practice the fact is it's going to be a bunch of work, and probably a decent dose of rejection along the way.

So what's that mean in real terms?

If you Want Speed – Work

I've said before that a marketing campaign devoted largely to the production of good content is going to take a bit of time.

In fact – lots of time.

And yet, most people want that time to be less. This is hardly a surprise because faster results are always more desirable than slow results.

But digital marketing is not a magic pill. It won't automatically cure your marketing ills, nor offer you immediate results.

If you Want to Improve – Work

One of the most significantly understated benefits of getting to work in the marketing department is the fact that you just get better at it.

You get better at writing blog posts.

You get better at weird awkward coffee meetings with people you barely know.

You get better at assessing whether someone is a genuine prospect of just a random person to keep on the radar.

But if you don't work – none of those get better.

In fact, they probably get worse.

Publishing regularly, develping good content habits, knowing your audience and writing for them – and ditching the terrible writing methods you leaned in law school – these aren't optional anymore.

If you're not improving, your competitiors are and you're going to get left behind.

I realise this sounds like sleazy marketing sales stuff, but as much as you want to reject it – it's true.

If you Want to Profit – Work

Of course there is only one real metric of marketing success – do you have more revenue than you did before?

But the variables of success in that department aren't always obvious.

In truth – it takes work.

Lots of work.

And that work will take many forms – improving your firm's writing, nailing the creating elements, understanding your audience, choosing the right niche.

But it's worth it.

Because the rewards that follow from the work you put in initially to grow, expedite, improve, and call your clients towards your service are going to yield amazing results.

I know. I've been there.



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