One is Greater than Zero

Last year was a bit of a marketing blip for a lot of law firms.

With staff working from home, technology to manage, zoom meetings to coordinate, and cat filters to figure out how to turn off, many law firms didn't really have the band width to progress a complex marketing plan.

And at this point there's a good chance you're sitting down, contemplating the coming months, and wondering what strategies you should be starting to implement.

That's an excellent thing to do, but it comes with a material risk: you're going to bite off more than you can chew.

I confess I've done it many times, and probably (if I'm honest) come close to doing it every year. I commit to X, Y and Z as part of my marketing activities only for Y and Z to face immediately hurdles, with X clinging on for dear life.

And it would be easy to beat myself over the head with a brick as a consequence.

But at this point enters one of the most excellent principles available to the lawyer-who-wants-to-market: One is Greater than Zero.

Sure, I'm a fan of audacious goals. But if you can't deliver the 48 articles you said you would do this year, then do 24.

And if not 24 then do 12.

And if not 12, then do 6, and post 6 thoughts on social media in between.

Keep up some kind of forward momentum. Don't let the idea that being unable to do everything means you shouldn't bother doing anything. This is what stops the booklet-style 5-year marketing plans developed over a few wines at a retreat ever being effective – it sounds great and would deliver huge results, but it's practically impossible for you to deliver. So you shove it in a drawer and let it rot until the next retreat.

That's not the way to get marketing to work for you.

The only marketing strategy that's effective is the one you actually deliver.

So do something.

Move forward.

One step after the other.

Capture your new year energy, and turn that into a powerful marketing strategy, excellent services for your clients, and effective delegation of the things you just don't want being part of your professional life.

And if you want a partner along the way to help you with your digital marketing needs, then click here – and we'll make it happen.



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